New New Yorkers Program Field Trip - Governors Island

On Sunday, Sept 27th a group from Queens Museum's New New Yorkers Program gathered together to spend a day at Governors Island. Our group of about 20 people was made up primarily of adult immigrants coming from different parts of the world who now call Queens home. Friends and family members (there were a couple of mother and daughter teams) came for variety of reasons. Some were interested in the art and others simply wanted to have an opportunity to explore a place outside of Queens. We explored the island's various arts and cultural sites as well as visited artists studios for conversations with contemporary NYC artists. We also created our own multimedia book to document our trip. Afterwards, we enjoyed a picnic at the island.  

New New Yorkers ProgramIn partnership with the Queens Library, the Queens Museum’s New New Yorkers program offers free multilingual classes to meet the needs of adult immigrant communities in Queens.Broadening horizons and teaching valuable life skills through the arts, New New Yorkers offers adult immigrants the opportunity to interact closely with accomplished professional artists and engage with their innovative work. The program provides opportunities for personal creative expression through rigorous art courses, exhibitions and participation in cultural festivals. It also supports student-led initiatives at the Queens Museum.

PJ Gubatina Policarpio is a creative arts engager: curator, programmer, and educator. He brings creativity and passion in making art accessible for everyone, creating multiple opportunities for meaningful connections between communities and institutions, especially addressing a diverse, multilingual, and multicultural audience. Central to his practice is promoting inclusivity and cultural understanding through experiences and interactions with art. PJ's expertise in museum education, curatorial and project management, artist relations, and programming has advanced a dynamic roster of artists and collaborators as well as institutions such as Brooklyn MuseumCool CultureFilipino American MuseumQueens Museum, and The Museum of Modern Art. Born in the Philippines and raised in San Francisco, Bay Area, he is currently based in Queens, New York.

Letter from Myriam after our trip:

Thank you so much for this wonderful day! I enjoyed the visit to the Governor's Island. We left the Island thinking the next summer we will return again. The visit to the art studios were interesting and we have a lot of new experiences and new ideas about art, materials and technics. My book will have special sentences about you, Juan, and Marianna, because we appreciate everything all of you made for our learning and how you stimulated to us to make questions and to share our impressions on each room we visited. Thank you. I think we have a lot to talk and to make process of all of that, but it was a perfect first time to contact different artists and to reach a variety of other perspectives.