Writers on English

Most of you probably know by now my intensive interrogation of the English language, so I wanted to share with you what others’, specifically the writers Jhumpa Lahiri and Junot Díaz, have said about their relationship with the language.
How Jhumpa Lahiri Learned to Write Again – The Wall Street Journal

“English is loaded. In my search to become my own person, to define myself in some way and not be defined by others, English represented feelings of guilt.”
An Interview with Junot Díaz – Asymptote Journal
“Learning English for me was a miserable experience. I don’t know why it happened to me the way it did but I found English to be enormously difficult, growing up in Central New Jersey surrounded primarily by English speakers. I had three other siblings who were learning English. They all acquired the language in a matter of months; in some ways it felt like it was overnight. But for me it turned into this brutal slog. Eventually the school approached my family, saying, This kid probably needs some sort of intervention. I got pulled into special ed and assigned all sorts of people to try to get me to speak English with any facility. But it took a while. It was torturous, man. While this is rather simplistic, I do think my obsession with language stems partially from my lack of any kind of control or comfort around English in my first years.”