PAL / Pilipinx American Library

PAL / Pilipinx American Library based in Queens, is a moveable non-lending library that centers the local + global Pilipinx voices from writers, poets, artists, and scholars across the diaspora through readings and programs in public spaces. -

Filipino American Book Festival, based in Queens, is a community-centered, multi-voiced, and intergenerational platform that celebrates the creation and presentation of Filipinx narratives by writers, poets, artists, and scholars across the diaspora. 

Summer 2016
Mia Alvar. Gina Apostol. Hossannah Asuncion. Carol Cabrera. Emmy Catedral. Kate Gavino. Paolo Javier. Ninotchka Rosca. Bino Realuyo. Lara Stapleton. Alex Tarampi.