As a museum educator, I empower students to explore and express complex ideas through examining and making art; recognizing its power as catalyst for transformation. I encourage students to see the world in new and radical ways. I’ve conceived and implemented guided gallery visits/tours for K-12 students utilizing multimodal teaching approaches including open-ended and guided questions, conversation, storytelling, drawing, writing, sensory learning, and movement, designed to develop visual literacy and critical thinking skills. I also facilitate hands-on and inquiry-based public programs for learners and families of all kinds. At Queens Museum, I created an Educator's Guide to equitably engage students from multilingual and multicultural backgrounds. I have researched and taught from collections and special exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum, Queens Museum, and The Museum of Modern Art. My students’ artworks have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Lewis H. Latimer House Museum and Queens Museum. In addition, I have also taught in cafes, classrooms, parks, gardens, historic houses, and islands across New York City and San Francisco.