Voices Needs Heroes 

 Tajh Rust,  -nation , 2016. Acrylic on nylon, 60 x 36 inches.

Tajh Rust, -nation, 2016. Acrylic on nylon, 60 x 36 inches.

NURTUREart presents Voices Need Heroes curated by Project Curate with PJ Gubatina Policarpio and featuring artworks by:  Ify ChiejinaWalter CruzSylvia HernandezUmesh MangipudiKwantaeck Park, and Tajh Rust.

How do heroes shape our communities? How can we be heroes and make this world better? This exhibition brings attention to the uses of power and how they can affect a community. It highlights the lives of all people by celebrating diversity and freedom as well as remembering challenges and loss.

As curators:
We explore what power is and how it is used.
We highlight the importance of working together as a community.
We explore the identities of heroes and the situations absent of heroes.
We realize that heroes aren’t just a fictional thing.
We value different perspectives on heroism, power, and community.
We highlight being a more diverse group of people.
We, along with the artists in this exhibition, value celebration, remembrance, and honoring their ancestors.
We give power to voices that need heroes.

NURTUREart’s Project Curate is a yearly curatorial course with students of Juan Morel Campos High School in South Williamsburg. This year’s team of students worked with PJ Gubatina Policarpio, a community arts organizer: a socially-engaged artist, curator, programmer, writer, and educator. His multidisciplinary practice utilizes research, archive, collaboration, curatorial, education and public engagement as both art and tool. He has organized exhibitions and programming in various spaces across New York City.

NURTUREart’s Education Program creates opportunities for artistic and curatorial collaborations with students of all ages through partnerships with NYC public schools and nonprofit organizations.